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Import Freight


Team Cargo Consolidation Import consolidation allows you to combine your cargo with that of other shippers and consignees into a larger groupage. Your cargo is then tendered to the carrier as a single large movement, rather than numerous small shipments. This allows for several benefits, such as the economics of larger scale shipments.

Since we are in constant communication with air and ocean carriers, we collect information on all inbound and outbound shipments, allowing us to keep our clients and business partners informed of any changes in shipment status. This means better control and reduction in auxiliary charges and extra costs. Since we have regularly scheduled consolidations, smaller shippers or consignees can enjoy the regularly scheduled service that larger importers and exporters enjoy.

When goods are produced in one country and need to be sold or consumed in another, they are often transported through import processes. This might involve customs clearance, duties, taxes, and various regulatory requirements that need to be adhered to when bringing goods into a country.

Import freight can encompass a wide range of goods, including raw materials, components, finished products, machinery, electronics, consumer goods, and more. The transportation of import freight usually involves freight forwarders, shipping companies, logistics providers, customs agents, and other intermediaries who facilitate the movement of goods across borders.

The cost and efficiency of import freight can be influenced by factors such as transportation routes, shipping methods, customs procedures, tariffs, trade agreements, and geopolitical considerations. It's an essential aspect of international trade and plays a significant role in global supply chains.


  • Airport to airport service
  • Door to door delivery
  • Competitive price / cost effective
  • Committed transit time
  • Instant shipment status report
  • Pre alert and advance set of documents thus improving custom release time.



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